Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt Block Swaps

I wanted to show you the block I have mailed to Sue. She is my new friend from the Australian Block Swap. The button is on my left sidebar. In this particular swap you tell your partner your desired block pattern and colour preference. Sue told me she wanted "shabby chic" fabric using pinks and greens made into a star block. The actual star block pattern was left up to me. I hope my version of "shabby chic" is what Sue had envisioned. I really enjoyed working with these fabrics as it was a "new" experience for me. I wonder who my partner will be next month?

This is also something I worked on. This particular fairy square was sent to me by my new friend, Lynne. She is my partner in the IFQ group and that group has a program (one of many) called Mosaic Colour Play. This is an ongoing swap in which your partner sends you a centre square of their choice and your job is to complete the block how ever you deem and send the completed block back to your partner.

I decided to showcase the fairy so I chose fabric that would not take any beauty away from the centre square. I did not want the surrounding fabric to be more dominant than the square and yet still have the fabrics coordinating in colour. By the way, the block is lying on the carpet so discount the beige. This is the block I mailed back to Lynne. I hope she approves.

I hope you like your hexagon, Jorie

This is my newest swap. You can find the button on the top leftside bar. It is a hexagon exchange called Inchy Flower Swap in which you make one hexagon and mail it to your partner. Your partner tells you what colour family she desires for the flower "petals" and centre square. This is also an ongoing exchange and is still open to participants. This hexagon I mailed to my new friend, Jorie.  She had asked for citrus colours for the petals with a white or tone on tone centre. If you have ever wondered if you might like to try your hand at making a hexagon now is the time. One a month is all you have to make for this exchange. Everyone finds them very relaxing to make and very addictive as well. Hexagons are very portable and do not need much fabric so if you are on a tight budget this little gem is just the thing for you. I've even read where a quilter was making them at work during lunch because it cut back her desire to eat as much and she was getting her sewing done before she got home. What a painless and fun way to diet!

I am in the middle of making another block for the Christmas block exchange which I'll show you in the next post. I must say I am enjoying the swaps and look forward to participating every month because new friendships are developed, whether for a short duration or lifetime, and quilting ideas are exchanged.


Raewyn said...

Hi Brigitte. Wow, what a lot of neat blocks you are making and swapping! I'm sure everyone will love the blocks you send them, they are all lovely!!

Meerkat said...

Hi Brigitte, I am sure she will love it !!! I see you are also part of IFQ as am I.

Stray Stitches said...

I love the star you made for Sue! Great way to set off the fairy in the IFQ block swap. I'm glad that you joined the Inchy Flower Swap - can't wait to exchange with you!

LuAnn said...

I love the fabric with the fairy. So cute..and I love what you did with the block.