Friday, October 29, 2010

True Spooky Story

This is a true story. I am relating the facts as they happened. My friends were driving home from a Hallow'een party. The party was located in the country not far from the city where they lived. They made sure not to indulge because the police were out doing spot checks on cars coupled with the fact driving on country roads at night you have to have your wits about you. The roads are not lit with street lighting as you have in the city and anything could happen if you are not careful especially when you are unsure of the bends and turns. Back to my story and please try to picture this as you read along keeping in mind we are in farm country with rolling hills and thick forests. My friends were driving along the road and saw what looked like a man walking towards them in the distance. They thought it a bit strange that a person should be out so late walking but thought he might be walking home from a costume party and lived nearby. Because the man was walking towards them the car headlights shone not only on the road but on the man as well. When they got a bit closer they saw he had on a long, black cloak like you would see in the early 1800's with the hood pulled over his head. They could not yet see him clearly. As they got closer to him they were able to see that, indeed, he had on a long cloak and shoes that also looked as if they belonged in the 1800's. The car headlights now shone fully on the man as they passed him. Both did not say a word to each other for several miles. Finally the one friend says "Did you see him?". The other answered "Yes, I did". The first one said "Did you see he had no head nor face"? The second one said"Yes, I did". They drove home in total silence. That, my friends, really happened. I thought I would pass this on to you because Hallow'een is approaching and I love spooky stories, especially ones that are true. I hope more people reveal them in their blogs over the Hallow'een period. When I was young I used to scare myself silly with spooky movies and spooky stories. I could never say "no" to either and just walk away. Happy Hallow'een everyone.


Cheryl said...

Gives me the shivers!

Maria said...

Interesting story.

Just read through your blog and enjoyed ypur posts.
gorgeous hexies and just love your pincushion.

So nice od Leona to send you those cute butterflies.

Kate said...

HI Brigitte
Thank you for visiting me and your lovely comment...Read your story,,yes..definitely spooky,Happy Halloween to you too..Kate x

Karen said...

Happy Halloween! Love the story.

Melody said...

I love scary things too and that is certainly a spooky, scary story.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Oooo, I just love these scary stories and it makes them all the scarier to know that they are real!