Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Leaf

This week has been a very discombobulated week for me. I was putting out fires every day in my life. Because there was no period of recuperation between events the stress level kept rising. I could not concentrate on the smallest thing, including my blog. I hope that is all behind me now so I can get back to business. I have preached for years people should stop and smell the roses and when the dust settled I realized my angels were telling me in a round about way that I was ignoring my own advise. The first thing I did was revisit my sewing room. It had been neglected for awhile, not used to the extent that it was in the past. I was just dashing in and dashing out with no feeling of inspiration or bonding with my fabric. I felt like a robot that was stressed. I have heard it said that the first step is the hardest. Well, I have now taken that first step and can tell you I feel a tremendous weight has been lifted.  I'm going to just sit back, relax and see where that step will take me. Bring it on world!


Larain said...

Brigitte "life is what happens when your busy making other plans" I am so pleased you are feeling better. I have had my moments and can completely understand. Keep your chin up and the machine sewing.

Cheryll said...

When you have days or weeks you would rather FoRgEt..just remember the sun WILL come up tomorrow.

Stray Stitches said...

Sorry to hear that your world as been running you ragged. Unfortunately I can know where you have been/are. I'm sure that once you are able to get back into the world of fabric, some of the stress will magically disappear - certainly helps me.

crafty pug said...

glad you are back on the good path!
blessings to you