Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hello World!

I finally took the plunge and started a blog. I amazed myself being able to accomplish that considering I have limited computer savvy (sending emails is about it) and didn't quite understand the computer lingo when I was prompted. After all was said and done I can honestly say building a blog boosted my confidence. So here I am world! Welcome to my blog and hope you return many times in the future. This experience will be quite a steep learning curve for me but I now have the confidence to proceed. Please let me know in the comments section if there is anything that could be/should be made better or just leave me a comment that you have stopped by for a visit. Would love to hear from you.
I will be sharing my passion for quilts and other things that interest me that I hope you will find interesting as well. Another reason for my blog is to pay tribute to our grandmothers and mothers for the legacy they gave us by inspiring all to continue the legacy into the future. As you guessed, quilting is my passion and talking about it excites me. Please join me.


Cheryl said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I am new to it as well and could hardly wait for my first comment or follower. Come visit me at

Kaaren said...

Welcome, Brigitte. Your blog looks awesome!

You will be simply amazed at how much smaller the world will become now that you have a blog.

Have fun, enjoy the journey and stop by for a visit.

Anonymous said...
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Astrid said...

Hi Brigitte,
Love your blog. The quilt picture caught my eye right away. I have to tell you I am not as computer savvy as you think I am. I have never blogged before (is there such a word?), but now you have me thinking about it. You may have to teach me how to set up a blog. Looking forward to future entries. You are a great writer. Way to go!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Welcome to the blog world. You will have so much fun visiting, viewing others ideas and meeting new friend from all over the world! I am also new at this blogging I started my blog in June and hope you will visit me too!

Your blog looks wonderful and I look forward to visiting you again soon! Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

QDO said...

Welcome! I did not experience in the blogosphere and other art you are beginner and patchwork. I'm sure I can learn from you! Blog should look like. All the best! And do not forget: the headder picture is excellent!