Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilt Block Swaps

As I mentioned previously I joined a Quilting Block Swap not too long ago. I wanted to show you what I just received from my new friend Crafty Pug. The block flew in all the way from Australia and I am very happy it did. I had asked Crafty Pug for a Log Cabin block using black, white and some red and this is what she made for me. Isn't it a treasure! As you can tell I'm enjoying this swap immensely because you make so many new global friends. I don't know if all swaps are the same (because this is my first) but you can specify what colours you would like used and which block you would like as well. The swap is still open to participants so why not click on the logo on my left sidebar to be connected or the link above. It won't take a minute to have a look around once you're there. I think you'll like what you see and sign up. It's painless too.

Christmas in October
I also joined another block swap called Christmas Quilting Blocks Swaps Australia. This is for all of you that love it to be Christmas year round. In this swap you tell your partner what your block preferences are and here I'm showing you Linda's block. She lives in Georgia so I think I'm safe in posting her block as I sent it off last week. She had requested a Snow Ball block in modern Christmas fabric with a character of some kind in the centre. I just happened to have the three turtle doves in a Christmas ornament style so I used that and embroidered a hanger on the ornament. This swap is open to participants as well and it's a lot of fun as you can see. If you love Christmas, as I do, I think you'll enjoy this monthly exchange. Just click on the link above or the the button on my left side bar to be connected. My hope is that I will eventually be partnered with all of you.


Cheryl said...

You seem to be having so much fun with the swaps! Good for you! The log cabin block is striking.

crafty pug said...

so glad you got the block and liked it brigitte! and i LOVE the block you have made for the chrissie swap - perfect!

Narelle said...

Both blocks are very lovely ... the log cabin one is striking with the red centre.