Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle doing Swaps

Hello everyone! I'm back. I decided it was time to venture into the sewing room to reintroduce myself to my machines. My first line of stitching did not impress me. It looked as if I had forgotten how to sew but in no time at all  I was back in the saddle again. As you can see I have several new buttons on my left side bar.The first button belongs to the International Friendship Quilters. If you click on their logo it will connect you to their website. What an extensive program they have. Not only are there block swaps in this group but there are also programs for learning new techniques, a chat room, photo gallery, and special events. Do have a look around their site. I signed on recently and have sent off a block already and made a new friend, Terry in England. The second button belongs to the Australian swap group. This is a block swap in which most of the participants come from "down under" but don't let that stop you from joining them. I signed up recently and have already sent off a block and made another new friend, Crafty in South Australia.
Crafty's block
What a great bunch they all are. Towards the bottom of my left sidebar you'll see the Christmas Block swap that was just established. In this group you will swap Christmas blocks ALL YEAR round. So if Christmas is your love (like me) then this is the swap to join. Since they are a new group they are looking for more participants to join them. Remember, if you don't want to sew with Christmas fabrics all year round consider joining for only part of the year.


Cheryl said...

Good for you. I thought about joining the Australian group, but I got burned in the Brown Bag Quilt Contest, so I am hesitant.

Cheryll said...

Good to see ya again! I meant to ask you before this but is the photo at the top, one of your property? It's beautiful & I love looking at it when your blog opens.

Sue B said...

Thank you for your nice comments Brigette, and Cheryl we would love you to join, we are all very friendly and its only a small group. Quilted hugs, Sue (founder of Quilting block swaps Australia).

Stray Stitches said...

I am a member of all but your top group. Aren't they fun? I just received my first block in the Australian swap today!